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A different way to invest.

About C2 Gateway

C2 Gateway mission is to integrate your brokerage account with any strategy you may choose on Collective2 website.

With C2 Gateway you can execute your trades safely and securely with a connection to more than 120 exchanges worldwide in any products you may need.


Our technology is unique and offers the best synchronization with the C2 strategies.

We offer a convenient and technological new way of trading.

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C2 Gateway Professional Team

Our team will ensure that all of your investing requirements are set. Our customer service, which is available always while the US markets are open, will escort you through every step of the way! From opening the account to making sure that you are satisfied with your portfolio managers and account tracking platforms.

Execute your strategy

So... you have a good strategy that you would like to invest in. 

Welll... not a problem!

You can open your C2 Gateway account and start investing your money in the global financial markets.

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Safety & Security of clients' funds

All clients' funds are protected by the SIPC up to a value of

$ 500,000.

C2 Gateway is EU regulated and registered in CySec, In addition, our clearing firm Interactive Brokers is regulated by the American SEC, FINRA and NFC.

The safety and security of our client's funds are paramount to the company.

Why C2 Gateway?


Global Trading


Low Cost

Our commissions are among the lowest in the industry.

Low commision - High tech!

We support more than 120 exchanges in more than 26 countries worldwide



Customer securities accounts are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ("SIPC").



Trading and support  during all US trading hours.


Reports & Software

Customised portfolio reports and analytics.

TWS Trading Software

Monitor your C2 strategy executions from anywhere

Mobile app


Be part of the future way of trading

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