Can I place different order types?

Yes. You can place many different order types with Mexem. For a full list of current order types, please refer to “Information” > “Order Types” on our website.

What is the Order Duration?

When placing an order, you select whether you want the duration to be a Day Order or GTC. A Day Order will stay open until it is executed during the trading day or until the relevant market closes. In case the order has not been executed by the end of the trading day, the order will be automatically deleted. A GTC (Good-till-Cancel) order on the other hand, will roll over into the next trading day if the order has not been executed at the end of the trading day. However, there is no guarantee that the Order is not cancelled due to other causes such as a corporate action of the underlying company. For this reason you should monitor the status of your open Orders.

How do I place a short sell order?

To open a short position, you simply place a sell order on a product in which you do not currently hold a long position.

Do Mexem allow to trade option strategies?

Yes. you can use the “Option Trader” tool in classic or mosaic layout to build and trade different types of option strategies.

Can I place an order by telephone?

Yes, It is possible to call our trade desk at +357-24022446 and place an order. Please make sure you have your account number and an available way to verify you as the account owner (Mobile phone or email)

Can I trade during Pre-Market or After-Hours trading sessions?

Yes, LMT and STP-LMT orders are available for use in Pre-Market and after hours trading. Please make sure to check the box for “Fill Outside RTH” while creating your order.

My order has been executed but why is it showing in multiple parts?

My order has been executed but why is it showing in multiple parts?

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